Honest Skincare Treatment Room

The Treatment Room.

Feeling Good and Safe and Warm

The purpose of our treatments and therapies is twofold:

  • To provide, personalise and promote the idea and practice of good self-care.

  • To enable a renewed sense of self-possession.

And we believe that self-care and self-possession are profoundly linked to sustainable well-being.

This is where we start and come from in our approach to talking about and practicing in a way that we would understand to be therapeutic.

In the past these ideas have often been characterised, sometimes ridiculed, as vanity, as a feminised anxiety about everyday concerns or matters best left to silence and stoicism.

This is not true in general and can be very far from the truth in particular.  We share events, experiences, even specific diagnoses that can range from discomforting, to frightening, to life changing.  We have all been in the place where the capacity and support to make and manage change runs from limited to non-existent.

So, we believe that sometimes we need support, to stand in a different place and look at things in a different way and we believe that oft times this can and does help.  Our feelings do not need to be corrected or made to conform: we and our feelings need care and concern, an opportunity to make ourselves comfortable with the skin we’re in.  People seek and many times struggle to find the protections that they need and to participate fully in the treatment they receive. At the same time most people value and welcome assistance as they rehearse finding their own answers to their own questions.  This is respect.

Our aspiration is to make a space, to create and offer a service that is clear, cool and calm and helps individuals to push back against life’s lowerings.  We all share the need to build resilience, we all share the need for shelter and support from whatever storm. Where mind and body can be held in broad alignment – goodness and truth, honesty and capacity are most likely to follow and we will move towards a flourishing.

This is Honest.

We offer a family of treatments that embody the honest philosophy. our experiences are expertly created using holistic therapy techniques which when combined with honest skincare leave you in an energised state of mind, within a body that feels refreshed and at one with yourself.

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Calming Facial £54 - 70 mins

Ultra sensitive skin needs very special care, product ingredients including essential oils and nut oils can cause reactions for some. Honest has developed a range of products without these added ingredients to give a facial that is effective at re-conditioning and bringing about a natural harmony to sensitive skin.


Balancing Facial £54 - 70 mins

The natural balance of skin can be disturbed by various factors, both internal and external. This facial settles sensitive skin prone to breakouts by allowing it to rebalance it's natural sebum level. This gentle but very effective process works to restore harmony and clarity in the complexion.


Nourishing Facial £54 - 70 mins

The key factor in a clear flowing complexion, whatever your age, is the skin's ability to hold it's own moisture levels. This facial will feed the skin with organic food, rehydrating the layers of the epidermis and shield it against external damage, helping to keep the skin healthy and feeding it with organic food. 


Holistic Back, Face and Scalp Treatment £70 - 90 mins

A signature Honest experience starting with a back polish to remove dry and dead skin, an application of body oil is then smoothed over the back, neck and shoulders to relax and warm the body. Next, a full Honest facial treatment, tailored to your skin type is combined with a wonderful head massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and nourished. 



Restorative Body Experience £125 - 120 mins

Completely relax and unwind with the ultimate honest experience. Receive a full body polish to exfoliate, revive and tone the skin. A back, neck and shoulder massage will relieve tension and stress, followed by our signature facial adapted to your skin type to nourish the skin and leave you glowing


Full Body Polish £38 - 30 mins

 A relaxing treatment to remove dry and dead skin leaving your skin rehydrated and glowing. A full body brush is followed by a natural exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and boost circulation. This is finished with a soothing application of shea and mandarin lotion to rehydrate and smooth the skin. 


Back Treatment £45 - (40 Mins)

A detoxifying treatment for troubled skin. Dry body brushing and exfoliation is followed by a deep cleansing mud mask. Whilst your back is cleansed of impurities, the back of the legs will receive a soothing massage. The mask is removed with hot towels before a final application of light moisturiser. 


Half Body Massage £38 - 40 mins

Take a moment out of your day for a relaxing half body massage. Feel the stress and tension melt away as pressure points are works and aching muscles are relieved.  


Aromatherapy Massage £54 - 60 mins

Combining a blend of essential oils to deliver a massage unique to you.




Honest Skincare Treatment Room
Honest Treatment Room