bundle of 3 bamboo cloth wipes

bundle of 3 bamboo cloth wipes


Our luxurious dry Bamboo cloth wipes are naturally anti bacterial made with no harmful toxins , colour dyes or chemicals. Fabrics derived from bamboo are significantly more absorbent than cotton and last longer, they are gentle for the most delicate skin , use them instead of wipes or cotton wool. Bamboo is a natural material and is one of the oldest fibre crops being over 6000 years old! Their quality is good for rashes, sensitivity and acne , not only great for adults but also magic for children.

Washing your cloth wipes: Handwash in the sink, soak in an infusion of essential oils and let them air dry. Avoid detergents and fabric softeners . Alternatively machine wash at 30 degrees then leave to air dry.

Made in England

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