Rest Ritual Gift Set

Rest Ritual Gift Set


Our rest ritual gift set includes a bundle of our muslin cloths, cleansing oil , holistic balm and sleep mist , a perfect ritual for bedtime to help rest and comfort while leaving your skin settled, clean and ready for bed .

Our Rest Ritual gift set includes

Cleansing oil -vegan, unscented and great for all skins -30ml glass bottle

Bundle of 7 muslin cloths , organic un-dyed cotton, one for each day of the week.

Holistic balm - perfect for lips, face and anywhere in between with safflower - 35g

Sleep mist - spray on your pillow, bed sheets or soles of the feet for a good nights sleep- 50ml

Our ritual for bedtime

Apply a warm compress to the face using your cloth , cleanse with the cleansing oil with circular motion , remove with cloth , then apply a cool compress .

Apply holistic balm to nourish the lips , then spray your sleep mist to settle and calm .

made in England

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