Organic reusable bundle of 7 muslin cleansing cloths

Organic reusable bundle of 7 muslin cleansing cloths


Our reusable organic cotton cleansing wipes are eco friendly , soft and gentle to touch while being highly absorbent , durable and long lasting, they are far kinder to your complextion and the enviroment than cotton or tissue.

Benefits: Skin cleansing is an essential part of personal hygiene . The daily build up of environmental pollution , as well as make up accumulates over the skins surface and can cause black heads , acne, excessive dead skin cells and dull skin complexion.

Try our simple cleanse routine: Using your cloth, apply a warm compress to your face for a few breaths. Cleanse with your chosen cleanser , then remove with your cloth. Run your cloth under cold water to apply a cool compress for a few breaths , spritz with herbal/floral toner , apply face cream.

Use gently to lift dead skin cells along with makeup and everyday grime without damaging delicate skin.

Muslin cloths are made of cotton threads plainly woven together and are well known for their exfoliating properties leaving your face beautifully polished , they do a far better job than flannels, while they dry much quicker hence are more hygienic.

Washing your cloth wipes: Handwash in the sink, soak in an infusion of essential oils and let them air dry. Avoid detergents and fabric softeners . Alternatively machine wash at 30 degrees then leave to air dry.

L30cm x W30cm

7 cloth wipes in one bundle.

handmade in England




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