Balancing Scent Mist

Balancing Scent Mist


Our balancing scent mist with frankincense and eucalyptus will help you feel balanced and at one with yourself. It is the perfect product for use within your home or to spray on the body for a feeling of wellness. Our de-stress mist on the go is free from synthetic ingredients and we don't use any perfumes, only pure organic essential oils.

Directions: Shake well and mist into the atmosphere or use on the hair and body.

Ingredients and their benefits: 

PATCHOULI: Brings body and mind to balance.

YLANG YLANG: Brings physical and emotional support.

EUCALYPTUS: Creates an atmosphere of harmony and calmness. 

CINNAMON: Helps focusing and healing.

FRANKINCENSE: Awakens spiritual awareness.

100ml glass bottle with spray mister.

Made in England.

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