Remedy oil gift set Calming, Balancing + Nourishing.

Remedy oil gift set Calming, Balancing + Nourishing.


Created to be rolled over on your pulse points, our natural bag carries 3 scents for 3 different feelings of well being , the blends of the oils help to relieve stress, restore inner peace, focus, clear and calm .

CALMING with Vetivert + Cedarwood

BALANCING with Rosemary + Peppermint

NOURISHING with Geranium + Wild Orange

Directions: Roll over pulse points day and night as needed or use as a fragrance.

Ingredients and their benefits:

VETIVERT: grounding, calming, stabilising, helps calm anxiety

CEDARWOOD BARK: aids relaxation, soothes stress and relieves anxiety.

PATCHOULI: Grounds and balances emotions.

9ml of each bottle in a glass bottle with clear roller ball .

Made in England.

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