Night Wildflower Incense

Night Wildflower Incense


Our handmade incense are 100% natural and are all hand rolled in small batches using the finest organic ingredients. We use traditional methods and tools, scenting with only pure essential oils, petals and resins.

Our night wildflower incense is sweet, enlivening with notes of herbaceous wild flowers and a touch of citrus.

12 sticks per pack.

Burn time: 60 minutes (approx).

Our incense are free from: chemicals, alcohol, artificial colours, synthetic scents, artificial preservatives, animal products.

Ingredients: Spring water, pure bamboo charcoal, bamboo stick, sandalwood powder, vanilla powder, gum elemi, makko powder, tragacanth gum, gum Arabic, gum opoponax, gum labdanum, gum copal, mastic gum, gum dammar, myrrh resin, frankincense resin, night blooming jasmine essential oil, night blooming lily essential oil.

Handmade in England.

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