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At honest, we are really interested in the history of gifting; from the Romans to the Ancient Egyptians, gifting has been a tradition we have been perfecting for centuries. 

We believe that the giving of gifts is an art. No matter the person, no matter the reason, be it big or small, there is a gift for all and with love, thought and special attention a gift can turn from a simple artefact into a lifelong heirloom: a forever reminder that someone, somewhere was really thinking of you. 

An honest home is a house of many ethics that we wish to invite you to explore, with a passion for gifting and the belief that every person should have the opportunity to spread this joy. We have collected comfortable, natural and earthy materials, textures and surfaces such as ceramics, wood and woven fabrics intertwined with colours of terracotta, sienna and russet. An honest home can help restore a sense of calm and escape into your home with one-off, hand-selected items that tell a story. 

We understand that the way a gift is presented is as adored as the product itself. Not only does an honest home provide an array of beautifully selected goods, we also offer a wrapping service using the finest quality papers, hemp and string along with hand gathered flowers and herbs, making each gift as unique as the person receiving it. 

Honest’s founder Katie has carefully hand selected each item, each flower and herb… each detail, all with the honest ethos at heart. Such patience and care means that every home can become a space that is cosy, comfortable and relaxing and allows you to take a bit of honest, home with you. 

Enjoy the art that gifting can be. 

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