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Honest skincare - Seasonal Gifting


Integrity - Mystery - Blessing

Honest - Seasonal Gifting
Honest Gifting

We have chosen by hand so that you can choose by hand.

Gifting is a practice that dates back over centuries and has many and varied meanings for different people and different cultures. Gifting, the gift itself, is both part of a tradition and is at the same time a new and renewing activity; it is creative, it is civil and it is civilising.

At Honest we are sharing with you this thought and this thoughtfulness. Whether for a reason, or where the reason is no reason at all, choosing a gift is an art of sorts – the alchemy that comes with extending your affection and regard into the gift transforms at object, an artefact, a thing into something that is treasure. This is a true mix of memory and desire and so is remembered: made out of time, made out of mind.

The true gift can be a fondness or a folly; a wish, a whim or a wondering; perhaps a restitution, a putting back in order – the buy back of the bad karma of bad dreams – the worth of the gift is in the stretch between the moment of choosing, the fearful anticipation of making the gift and the hope of passing on the joy that goes with all the big little and all of the packet and the parcel.

Our approach combines this belief in both the idea and the realisation of the gift, with a crafts-persons for the ethics of materials and material quality that marks out our offer. We have made, gathered and curated a collection of products and objects that prioritise the useful, the comfortable and the natural. There is a connectivity between these things in the use of earth materials; in the form and feel of their textures and surfaces – be they ceramic, wood or woven fabric – this is reinforced by a neutral palette with high and low lights of terracotta, sienna and russet: colours of comfort and contentment.

The Gift: Integrity – Mystery – Blessing.

Honest - Seasonal Gifting